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I can say from personal experience that Bob Davis is a master of body therapy. I have also sent him many patients that he has helped dramatically. You will not be disappointed if you try him! 

James Novak, MD

Robert has Magical Hands!. I was suffering with chronic neck and shoulder pain for a long time. Robert relieved me of my pain on the very first visit. If you are suffering with any pain, visit Robert for his Medical Massage. You will be very satisfied!

Lowell N. Lazarus DC, RN, CFMP

Robert is an amazing Body Worker! He is always professional, and has the utmost integrity, every time that he works his magic on you.
I have been going to Robert for many years, and I can honestly say that he is a true healer!

Kirstan Lessman, LMT

Robert is an absolute pro. I’ve been seeing massage therapists for 30 years and after one session with him, he reached places and released areas of my back, neck, legs and pectoral muscles that have never been touched before. I felt as though I was in a time loop after he finished with me. His treatments really are profound.
He is an extremely talented body worker with an outsanding understanding of human anatomy and an incredibly interesting person too.

My wife has been seeing him for over a year. She has permanent damage in her neck and back that Robert has been able to give her pain relief and peace of mind for the first time in 20 years.

If you are ready to move to a professional and away from amateur bodyworkers, Robert is your guy.

Mike Koenigs

I love Robert! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about physiology, anatomy, and understands deep neurological injury and pathways for healing, but he is a true healer. I was referred to him after a severe virus neurologically debilitated my shoulders and accompanying movement. He worked very precisely to free the mobility in my shoulders, constantly encouraging me to be patient with myself and my healing process. He did lots of research on my behalf, studied my MRIs and reports diligently, and constantly was patient with my frustration and process. He is a true healer and one of the hardest working body workers I’ve ever met. He puts his entire energy into helping you to heal. Highly recommended.

Vivian Glyck

Robert Davis has improved the quality of my life! Over the last seven years  Robert  has  been the  ‘Go To’  person to ease  my  chronic lower back pain  and get my body back in motion.  When  I  get stressed  from life’s pressures,  my lower back spasms  and  essentially puts  my active life on hold. His knowledge of the muscular skeletal system is un- paralleled  ( in my opinion), and he possesses that special touch.   He  has  a real gift to  heal.   He  offers  excellent insights about diet and  supplements and  has  a  positive, lighthearted demeanor. I highly recommend Robert’s work to  people  that  are  looking  to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Beaver Theodosakis, Founder of Prana co founder of Spy Optics, life’s a beach, Bad Boy club.


Robert is hands down (no pun intended) the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to. Not only is he one of the most interesting people you will ever have the pleasure of talking to, he has an immense body (again with the puns! I blame my mother) of knowledge about the human musculoskeletal system as well as human condition in general. Robert single-handedly (ok, he used both hands) rescued my career as an acupuncturist after a series of auto accidents and repetitive strain injuries caused nearly incapacitating pain in both my thumbs. Whenever I have a flare-up of related issues he is my first call. He is a miracle worker.

Catherine Falter, L.Ac.


Who does a massage therapist go see when they need bodywork? Robert Davis!! I had an ongoing issue with my hip that many people tried to resolve. I saw chiropractors, massage therapist and an acupuncturist. . Robert’s care and knowledge allowed my hip pain to be alleviated. After you have struggled with pain, the alleviation of that pain is an amazing feeling. Robert is a gifted healer.

Annette La Fontaine LMD 


“Putting it simply,    his work is  EXEMPLARY!    In my 29 years  in practice,  I can truthfully say that  Robert  is the most talented therapist I have ever  encountered.  Body- work is a natural for Robert;  he makes it his business to understand   the   problem   at   hand,   then   promptly proceeds to  help  the patient in  any way  he can, using his God-given talents

Dr. David N.Olson Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist & Qualified Medical Evaluator Cardiff, CA


Robert is probably the the most talented body worker I have ever worked with. However, he does not rely only on his talent; like other professionals and creative people at the top of their game, he is continually learning and integrating new techniques. In addition to his innate God-given kinesthetic talent, extensive training and experience, Robert brings a certain humility and gratitude to his work, which enables him to approach each client with a Zen Mind/ Beginner’s Mind. There are no pre- conceived limits, therefore change is possible. The results with clients are truly remarkable. I would refer anyone to Robert.”

Dr. Robin Boyd Chiropractor Cardiff, CA.


I have had the  pleasure  of being able to send my patients to  Robert Gordon Davis for his treatment over  the  last  several   years.   He  is  a   licensed massage therapist and performs medical massage therapy.  His   treatment   methods   have   yielded consistent  excellent  results  and, therefore, happy patients. He has been able to consistently alleviate patients   pain   and   symptoms   when   standard Western   medical  approaches  have  not  yielded adequate  results.   He  also  has  performed  very effective adjunctive treatment to my patients  post- operatively.  I have no  reservations  whatsoever in recommending any of my patients to Mr. Davis for the wonderful care that he is able to provide.

Michael J. Skyhar, M.D., F.A.C.S. Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery  Member  of   the  American  College of Surgeons  and American  Orthopedic  Society for Sports  Medicine.  Specializes  in  treating  injuries and disorders of the shoulder and knee, as well as arthroscopy.  CORE Orthopedic Medical Center 332 Santa Fe Drive Suite 110 Encinitas, CA 92024


Robert Davis’ knowledge and understanding of massage   theory is unsurpassed, and his bodywork  techniques  are   flawless  and varied. From his work on my  Patients to my wife  and  me  it was easy to see how  carefully yet effort- lessly he  adjusts  to  suit  the  particular   individual  and situation.  In my own case,  Bob was able to  immediately   hone in  on  and correct a very  resistant 10-year chronic problem  with  my  calf muscles  resulting from a MAJOR ankle injury,  using   completely   different  methods  than those  he used  for equally good results for my wife.    I was fortunate to  discover  Robert Davis  while  in San Diego for a medical conference, but will now continue to visit  him  frequently or fly him out to New York to benefit   from his bodywork. I recommend him without reservation to   anyone,   athletic  or  sedentary,   young  or  mature, whether  dealing with physical  issues  or  simply  seeking   to enrich their fitness routine.”

Dr. Harry Snady,  MD   Ph.D.,  FACG     ( Fellow  of  the American College of Gastroenterology gastroenterologist),  endoscopic ultrasound and pancreatic  cancer  specialist,   and   assistant medical   professor    The Center  for EUS Imaging and GastroCare and Mount Sinai Medical Center New York



“There is no one who compares with the knowledge, dedication  and  skill  of  Robert Davis.  Due  to  two operations,  I   was left with moderate to severe back pain.     Twelve   ago  I   was  blessed  to  meet  and engage the AMAZING  work of  Robert Davis.  From our first appointment,   there  was  no  question  that   Robert would  be  my  only massage  therapist.  I am   now PAIN-FREE!”

Dr. David Lippman Doctor of Neuro Molecular Pharmacology Princeton, NJ​​​

“Robert  has  been  my massage  therapist  for the past twelve  years, he is Truly a healer.  His know- ledge of  the body and it’s  mechanics helped me recover  from  neck and  back injuries,  as well as relieve the  tension stored  in  my  body  from  the   stresses of everyday life. His PROFESSIONALIS and ENTHUSIASM   for his  work makes  it  easy for  me  to  recommend   him  to  anyone  who  is looking for a good massage therapist.”

Dr.. Dana Mendel Ph.D. Doctor of Psychology Carlsbad, CA

“Robert Davis is a healer;  he is the real thing!   Robert is   extremely  knowledgeable  about  the body on a physical   level  and  how it is  influenced  by the mind & emotions.   He has helped  us  tremendously  with  pain  in our neck,   shoulders  &  back,   and  does it  all with great modesty,   professionalism  and  humor.  To  say  you  are  in  good hands  is an understatement,  because  his hands are led by a GREAT HEART.”

Tracy & Paul Michael Glaser Actor (including Starsky & Hutch TV series) & Director Los Angels, CA


All about Robert- from my perspective:

I was at a time in my life- after raising two children from babies to college age, just getting going with a business of my own- and suffering burn out all at the same time. It was the first of a few bottoms I was to have. And the subsequent ‘bottoms’ were needed, but I didn’t know it when I met Robert. He was the shining face- a towering presence rising out of – literally the hot tub at the Y.  I found out, he was not a very tall man- but had this presence. He was holding court, without intending too- full of heart, wit, humor- huge humor and I loved it. I fell in love with him that moment. (I found out that this was not a romantic love)- nonetheless it was LOVE!

It must have been meant to be that Robert would be the one to start to treat my body. I had had hundreds’, literally hundreds’ of massages in my life. I had been wracked with upper cervical spinal pain since I was 13. I developed back pain over much more of my back. The kind of pain- that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, ever. The kind that is not only painful, but feels sickening. My first experience having a massage with Robert was nothing like I had ever had. I will admit I have gone, out of convenience a couple of times after my experiences with Robert to others but nothing comes close. He has healing abilities that I’ve honestly not come across. And the amazing thing is he loves.. he truly loves what he does. In his graceful and professional way he will drop hints- never overpowering- of information that could be useful for your health. He will share what you’re ready for- and he listens if you care to share. But the most remarkable thing about Robert is his intuition and skill when it comes to healing your pain and your body- whatever level of discomfort it may be. I’m positive that if you just went in for some relaxation- that’s what you would get and then some. It’s always….. and then some with Robert!

Oh yeah, did I mention skill- Robert does things and knows how to do things that are so far beyond any other massage or physical therapy I’ve ever experienced. Whether you want to see him once, a few, or a lifetime- Robert is truly an extraordinary healer that you won’t want to miss out on.

Liz Janapol University of California, Santa Cruz
Bachelor of Science (B.A.Sc.), Biology/Biological Sciences


I have interviewed and hired hundreds of Therapist, Robert Davis  is  one of those gifted therapists that you  come  across  once in a great while;  without   even explaining to him what your particular needs   are, he knows where your body is in pain and how to help.”

Darcie DeBartelo Corporate Spa Director of Evans Hotels, The Lodge at Torrey Pines & Catamaran Resort San Diego, CA

Bob is incredibly knowledgeable about the physiology of the human body. He helped relieve chronic pain I had had in my shoulder for several years which was limiting my yoga experience. Because of Bob I have so much more flexibility for yoga and all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Bob!

Karen Scanlon

Bob Davis combines the intuitive, emotional, and physiologic dynamics in assisting your body to heal. I have first hand experience with Bob when I encountered a return of painful lower back symptoms that involves my SI joint and paraspinal muscles. I had gone to my chiropractor who treated me for several weeks, but the symptoms did not improve. Bob worked with my body in an integrative, holistic manner that addressed my unique physiologic issues. He explained in a thorough manner specific stretching exercises to implement to both heal and prevent re-occurance of my back injury. His compassion and massage techniques provided a powerful healing
experience. I highly recommend him as a primary treatment modality in assisting your body towards vibrant health and harmony.

Linda P. Kovolisky, PMHNP
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practiotioner

I am so fortunate to have worked with Robert! He alleviated the pain in my frozen shoulder… I regained complete mobility. More recently he relieved my recurring sciatica… no pain for more than a year now! Robert is a knowledgeable and gifted healer.

~Ariana D’Arrigo

I don’t know if my words can convince you to give Robert a try, what I do know is that if you have a session with Robert you will be convinced there is no one better to have hands on you. His knowledge and ability to read each persons body is acute. Robert has worked on me for 8 years, has saved me countless times and always sends me on my way 100% better than when I walked in. He’s a gift and you will be pleased.

Allison Wright  

I am so very grateful to have crossed path with Robert.. After countless specialists and therapists I can say I’ve finally found the one that truly understands the mechanics of by issue and helps to keep me smiling and surfing. Not only are his sessions healing, his movement and stretching advice is priceless.

Peter Antinucci

Bob Davis has straightened out my shoulder problems . Better than a doctor, no offense to doctors. He has kept me going and I’m thankful for him, a wealth of knowledge

Peter Hix

I am so very grateful to have crossed path with Robert.. After countless specialists and therapists I can say I’ve finally found the one that truly understands the mechanics of by issue and helps to keep me smiling and surfing. Not only are his sessions healing, his movement and stretching advice is priceless.

Peter Antinucci

My Doctor referred me to Robert for frozen shoulder. He knew where to massage and stretch to help release my frozen shoulder. He truly knows the human anatomy better than anyone else I saw. To be honest, massage for me was more beneficial than physical therapy. This is a process and in stage one for me the best thing to do was to stop agitating it. Ice and heat helped with my pain.

Sherri Baquial


I was in severe pain due to a bulging disc in my lower back. I saw Physicians through my insurance, giving me no relief, and then a personal friend recommended Robert to me. Not only did he help relieve my pain, after the first treatment I was actually able to drive to Northern California for our family reunion. Three treatments later I feel FULLY RECOVERED!”

Dr. Ted Kessler Pharmacy Director, Vista Community Clinic Vista, CA


We both lead driven, competitive and high stress lives. Having healthy mind, spirit and body is vital to our on-going success and sanity. Receiving regular body- work from Robert is more than a treat; it is essential to our wellbeing! He is extremely knowledgeable about many different massage styles and is equally adept at infusing parts of these styles into each session. No two sessions are the same, but the results are always PURE RELAXATION! We enthusiastically recommend Robert.”

Karen Krasne & Jamie Kiskis Owner of Extraordinary Deserts San Diego, CA


I had a bike crash eight months ago, struggling to heal after two surgeries my husband mentioned to his friend Robert that I was just not getting better. He was extremely worried about me and voiced his concerns to Robert. I’d been to every doctor I could get into for advice. I had developed a Seroma that continually filled with fluid. After weeks of having it drained I needed to have a drain attached to my thigh. At around three months with little improvement, Robert sent me to see Dr. Jim Novac; this was the turning point. Finally, someone that thought outside the box with alternative treatments.
Since that time, Robert has helped me with nutrition to make sure my cells get the nourishment they need for repair. After eight months of no training, I twigged my arm and thumb and knee! I walked in his door for a massage the other day, the first thing he said was, “Wow! your neck is jacked up.” I’ve never experienced the type of work Robert does; he is one of a kind, I will be forever grateful for crossing his path. His knowledge across the board is priceless.

Kris Riley


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