About My Work

robert davisRobert Gordon Davis H.H.P

Holistic Health Practioner
Certified Core Energetic Therapist
Medical Massage Therapist

I enjoy working closely with my clients and their doctors, getting to the core of their pain and helping them to heal, relax, and live full, pain-free lives. After suffering numerous sports injuries, from Springboard Diving, Gymnastics and Professional Dancing as a young adult, my interest in the healing arts was sparked. In my thirties, I  broke my neck and back while bodysurfing.  This  accident  was the impetus  to learn all I could about how to heal myself using the medical  massage approach; I made a full recovery! Raising my son Finley, Bodysurfing, dancing, singing and playing my flute remains some of my  joyous activities, and spreading my healing touch is my mission.