What is Medical Massage?

A   capacity   to combine  the  intuitive  and  the scientifically  proven  principles  defines  the art   and science of medical massage. A scientifically   based method  of manual therapy  that  seeks a   clear  understanding  of the principals  of physiology  that affect  connective  and soft tissue healing and treatment, and is designed to:  

  1. Quickly reduce and eliminate pain and normalize the movement of the musclual-skeletal system  

  2. Establish  normal   tissue tension  & create a positive   tissue environment to maximize blood flow for proper healing.  

  3. Be a  non-invasive  therapy  that  targets  a   specific   area  of  the  body  and   produces beneficial health   results.      

  4. For the recreational runner to the serious competitors   misalignment of  the feet, legs and hips can not only     wear on  the  joints prematurely  but  can also create     injuries. Misalignment also waste a large amount  of   energy  resources.  I can help  by  realigning  hips to     knees and  knees  to feet  for  proper alignment and       tracking .

Orthopedic  massage  is a  type  of  massage  therapy which is  focused on treating painful conditions which   affect the soft tissues of the body.  The massage therapist may integrate a range of techniques.  Why is this more effective? Well, if all  you have in your medical   bag is a hammer then everything is treated  like a nail. So the more techniques the massage therapist has the larger  the tool bag to work from, ideally adapting his   style for each client, as every person's injury, bodytype   and tissue quality is quite different. All this resulting in better and more effective treatmentof these conditions. 

Robert Davis H.H.P

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